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What is Webarchive.pro?

Читайте на русском языке: «Расширение Webarchive.pro».

Webarchive.pro is a browser extension that steals and aggregates an another’s content and tries to install itself on the browsers of unlucky novice users, who click the link to the «saved by extension» page, by blocking the desired content. In this way Webarchive.pro spreads as a virus.

Mostly on Facebook you can find a lot of links that copying the description of source pages and allegedly leading to the same content. People who post such links may not be aware that they publish links to other domains — webarchive.pro, archiveshare.net and others, and not to the real sources.

Links from infected by viral extension Facebook users looks like this:

User manually posts the link to the article source, but the social network gets different link.
User manually posts the link to the article source, but the social network gets different link.

In most cases there’s no picture. For users who already installed viral extension those links leads to the 100 % copy of real source. Users who have not installed the Webarchive.pro sees the proposal to install it to view the desired content.

Webarchive.pro blocking website.
«That page was saved to the webarchive. For see it please install the browser extension FOR FREE».

Be careful and never settle to install the extension!

How to remove Webarchive.pro?

It’s not hard at all. You just need to delete the extension from your browser like any other extension. Google Chrome (for example): type in the adress bar chrome://extensions/, find «Webarchive.pro» and delete it.

Watch the video «How to delete Webarchive.pro extension?» (in russian versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera browser):


That’s all. Be free to ask me about Webarchive.pro in the comments.

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