Why You Need A Chrome VPN Extension

A Chrome VPN Extension is by far the best solution if you’re thinking about getting a VPN. VPNs have really taken off in the past few years, especially since we’ve all become so attached to our online presences. They’ve become so popular because in recent years there has been some spotlight on safety and privacy issues online.

And many of us have become aware of how sites collect, use and misuse information about us we never even knew they had access to. The benefits outlined in this article should give you a better understanding about why you need to consider getting a VPN Extension for your Chrome Browser.

The 4 Benefits A VPN Extension For Chrome Offers:

1. Get Full Access To Most Sites

VPNs have become increasingly popular because they mask IP addresses and allow users to browse the Internet anonymously. Well, not entirely. What they really do is disguise the user with an alternative IP address, one that you’ll choose. That’s how you get access to all that censored and filtered content. So, if you’re in a country that doesn’t have access to certain content then you’ll probably want to use a VPN to get access and browse the web without any restrictions.

2. It’s Easy To Use

Generally speaking to use a VPN you have to download software or an app and login to that app everytime you want to activate the VPN. That’s not the case with a browser extension, adding a VPN to Chrome means that whenever you use Chrome the VPN will activate. It won’t be a two step process, but you’ll have access to the VPN from within your browser.

3. Available On All Devices

A VPN extension for your browser is by far the best choice. Since you use a browser on all your devices, you’ll have access to the VPN on your smart phone, tablet, PC, Laptop and I dare say… smart TV. You won’t have to download any additional software or apps. Everytime you access chrome, you’ll be using your VPN. All you have to do is download the chrome extension on all your devices. It’s really that simple. This means you can access sites and content you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, from any device.

4. Browse The Internet Privately

As we mentioned before sites have a nasty habit of collecting cookies and data whenever you access them. Some sites need this information to perform certain tasks but for the most part the data they collect is irrelevant and unnecessary. And one has to wonder what they do with all that data. If you’re concerned about your privacy online then you’ll want to try using a VPN extension to give you full anonymity. Most quality VPN extensions have built in Web RTC that allows you to protect information about yourself and your PC whenever you access a site.
If you’ve been thinking about getting a VPN, then you definitely want to try a chrome VPN extension first. Not only will it be easy to use but it will integrate seamlessly with your browser, allowing you to use it whenever you’re online.

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